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Crown Cargo Services provides the best-in-class Pak cargo service from the UK to entire Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

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Many promise the sky, we deliver to your needs – meeting your specific shipping goals of cost, time and excellent customer service throughout.
Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Timely Delivery Everytime

Timely Delivery Everytime

Transparent Pricing Mechanism

Transparent Pricing Mechanism

Prompt Customer Service

Prompt Customer Service

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Don’t take our word for the quality of our services – see what our satisfied customers have to say about how we served them.
No wonder you are confused about picking the right company for Pakistan cargo services. After all, everyone claims to offer everything under the sign for rock bottom prices. However, a closer look will reveal the difference between the masters of the trade and copycats who perform miserably and add to your woes rather than helping you get your items shipped to Pakistan safely.
Let us show you what sets us apart from the pack and why you should at least consider letting us handle your Pak cargo service needs. At the end, it is your money and you have full right as a customer to make an informed choice – but, do give yourself a fair chance to understand the intricacies before you make a decision you will be happy with. Request a quote to check our low prices.

How can you be assured of the safety of your shipment?

Most Pak cargo companies don’t care much about safety – their prime goal is to make a quick sale by offering you a low price that you cannot resist. Little would you know that your expensive flat-screen television is going to be travelling with rock-solid metal parts! The reason you were offered a cheap price for the Pak cargo service was so the transporter could utilise that corner they just discovered they could use to stuff some more shipment. Of course, they will mark your item as “fragile” or “handle with care”, but the handlers who are doing the heavy metal lifting are already in the zone.
We never club shipment that needs special safety handling with other wares – for us, the safety of your items comes first. Our staff and air/sea cargo partners have been specially trained in the best industry practices to ensure proper handling and storage of any fragile items. Our systems track such wares all through the transportation chain and there are SOPs (standard operating procedures) in place so no mishandling happens, as we adhere to our procedures strictly.
Some may think that it is ok to use any Pak cargo service for inexpensive items. However, that is only true if you are not going to chase the goods if they are lost or damaged. In case you decide to file a claim, you are in for a rough ride. Most Pakistan cargo services are run by inexperienced entrants who find this a quick way to make money and do not have the systems in place to trace your shipments if someone in their chain drops the ball. You will end up spending a lot of time on frustratingly long emails and phone calls and not end up gaining much. At the end, most will give up and move on – so much for not choosing your cargo service to Pakistan wisely.
Safety of your items is at the core of how we run our UK to Pakistan cargo services. Our sophisticated systems ensure the transmission and adherence of safe handling instructions for your fragile goods all the way from pick up at your doorstep, movement on road/rail, storage during air/sea transportation and final delivery. The efficiency of our system allows us to offer you our excellent services at amazingly low prices – click here to request a quote from us.

Will your shipment be delayed due to flight or ship delays or cancellations?

With most companies offering UK to Pak cargo service, you can expect a courtesy email letting you know of the delay and the rescheduled timelines of delivery – that is if the company does have systems in place to detect the delay. You will be surprised to find businesses that do not even have the basic mechanisms in place to find out about the late delivery till the package arrives in Pakistan, as they just track at source and destination.
Crown Cargo Services has used their years in the industry to create a system that not only detects but reacts to such interruptions automatically. We work closely with many sea and air cargo providers and our intelligent dynamic routing software is always aware of the current location of the package along with the next switch. When a flight or ship delay/cancellation happens, our system gets notified (our engineers have integrated our state-of-the-art technology with all our partners), and it automatically looks for the best alternative to reroute the shipment to stay on track. This way, even if a natural calamity or other reasons result in air/sea service interruptions, we are able to keep your package travelling, not wasting time sitting at an airport or shipyard waiting for someone to take corrective action.
Not only do we have room for contingencies, but we have also perfected our system to work highly efficiently. This means we are able to offer our excellent Pak cargo service to our customers at low prices – Request a quote to be amazed.

Check the quality of customer service before signing up for a cargo service to Pakistan

At the end of the day, it is all about an excellent customer experience – and it starts right at the point of first contact. Is the company too eager to book your Pak cargo? Are they spending enough time to understand your requirement? Have they answered your questions patiently? Did the customer service representative provide you with multiple options to help you make the right choice of service in terms of air/sea cargo and various packages to fit your needs?
Most companies consider customer service as something to be used by angry customers if something has gone wrong with their shipment. We turn this concept on its head by focussing on you to begin with – the customer is the most important person for us. You will notice the difference right when you call – our trained shipping experts will help you make the right choice based on your cargo needs. No hard selling, no gimmicks. Request a quote now to get started.

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