Cargo To Pakistan 10kg Free

Cargo To Pakistan 10kg Free
If you have lots of stuff that you need to send to Pakistan, pricing often becomes a big concern. Usually, the shipping rates decrease with the total weight of the consignment. But, the heavier your parcel is, the higher is the shipping cost. We saw people feel limited because of the high shipping costs and started an offer to send cargo to Pakistan 10kg free. Anyone who wants to send goods to Pakistan may be eligible to avail this offer.

10 kg Free For Any Parcel Above 100 kg

When the total weight of parcel reaches 100kg, we offer you to add extra 10kg of goods without incurring any additional shipping charges. This means we allow you to send 110kg in your consignment but charge only for 100kg. So, do not hesitate while adding items to your parcel even if the total weight is about to reach 100kg. Our customers love this offer and often call us to confirm if we still have it going on.

Great Offer For Businesses

Many of our customers are business owners exporting goods from the UK to Pakistan regularly. We work with people and businesses in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Nottingham and many other areas of the UK. We provide customized service packages for all of our customers, personal or business. The offer to send cargo to Pakistan 10kg free is also available for the customers who use our services for business purposes.
Pakistani Britons living in the United Kingdom often visit Pakistan with the whole family. The luggage becomes an important concern as people try to carry all the things with them. At the same time, they also strive to keep the total weight of the luggage low. We help you save charges for the extra luggage – these can get prohibitively high. We aim to ensure they carry only the necessary items with them to Pakistan. With the option to send cargo to Pakistan 10kg free, you can now ship the extra luggage from UK to Pakistan affordably.
We have been in the transportation industry for years and we work to serve our customers in multiple ways. Apart from individual users, we work with delivery managers from many different companies exporting goods to Pakistan throughout the year. Whenever you have any questions related to transporting items to Pakistan from UK, request a call back to connect with our agents and they will answer all your queries.

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