Cargo to Pakistan from Manchester

Cargo to Pakistan from Manchester
Do you live in Manchester and have many friends and relatives in Pakistan or Azad Kashmir? You may often need to send gifts or some valuable items to Pakistan. Or you may be starting a business with a partner in Pakistan and need to export a large number of goods to the country. No matter what your current need is, you may come across a situation when you wonder about the different aspects of sending goods through cargo to Pakistan from Manchester.

Customs Laws and Regulations

This is always our top priority when we work with any customer that uses our international transportation services. To send goods using cargo Manchester to Pakistan, it is important to take care of the laws and regulations for both the UK and Pakistan.

Shipping Charges

Total shipping charges include the custom fee, transportation charges and applicable taxes. We work with our customers to provide service packages within their budget. It heavily depends on the mode of international transportation. Sending items through sea cargo to Pakistan from Manchester is usually less expensive than air cargo.

Time of Delivery

Before we start working to create a custom service package to send your parcel using cargo Manchester to Pakistan, we need to know the expected delivery date. This helps us choose the right shipping partner that can deliver the cargo to Pakistan from Manchester in the stipulated time period.

Medium of Transportation

This is one of the most important factors that influences the shipping charges and time of delivery. Air transportation normally costs more than ocean freight. To send items using Pak cargo Manchester residents trust our choice of cargo suitable for their shipping needs.

Restricted Items

Airlines have a long list of items that are not allowed for transportation through airmail. Certain items may be restricted by UK export regulations as well as the import laws in Pakistan. Our staff members are very well aware of such limitations on international shipping and always ensure that your parcel does not face any problems during transportation.


While sending valuable items using Pak cargo Manchester residents often get their goods insured for damages or loss during transportation. You can call our staff anytime to know more about insurance options for your consignment.
These are some important points to consider when sending goods to Pakistan. International shipping may be extremely complicated for anyone who has no prior experience of sending anything to Pakistan. Do not worry much and request a quote from us to avoid any trouble or mistake.

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