Send Car to Pakistan from UK

Send Car to Pakistan from UK
Are you living in the UK and worried about sending your car to Pakistan? Don’t sweat much, you’re not the first person who wants to send car to Pakistan from UK, and you won’t be the last.
Over the years, we’ve worked with many customers and transported their vehicles to Pakistan. We’re experienced in sending cars of all types and sizes to Pakistan through sea and air cargo and our safe transportation practices ensure that your vehicle reaches the destination in its pristine condition.
If you’re sending a car to Pakistan for the first time, you must familiarize yourself with a lot of important information. Whether it’s a car, van or truck, your vehicle will most probably be transported via sea cargo as air cargo is usually a costly affair for heavy goods. However, if you want to send car from Pakistan to UK using air-freight, contact our experts to understand the advantages, issues, and complexities involved in the process. When you’re working with us, provide our staff with all the details of your car shipping requirements and confirm the pricing and what all it includes. We never bother you with hidden costs after booking the services.
When you want to send luxury cars to Pakistan, using a container is the ideal way. It is important to note that the price to send car to Pakistan from UK also includes the price of the container, loading and clearing costs. There are many companies that don’t provide you with the exact break down of the pricing at the start, and add extra charges after you have booked the service. The first thing which we will need to know is the dimensions of your car so that we can book the right container for your needs. There is no need to pay for a bigger container if you have to send a small car.
We don’t indulge in shady business practices like some other companies and ensure that all laws are followed. We will collect all the export-related documents from you.
Is the registration year of your car in accordance with the Pakistani government guidelines for importing cars into the country? Are you paying the road tax for the vehicle? Do you plan to put additional items inside the car? Don’t be careless when you’re sending a car to Pakistan, or you may get into trouble.
Request a call back and our experienced staff will help you with all the information you need for shipping your car to Pakistan.

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