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Should you send cargo to Pakistan over the air?

It depends on factors like time-sensitivity of your delivery and the cost of items being sent. Air cargo is best suited when you want your items to arrive in Pakistan before a specific date, or you are not comfortable letting your expensive goods spend more time in transit.

Should you send cargo to Pakistan from UK through the sea?

Sea is an excellent medium for bulky items or household goods that can spend a little more time in transportation. Additionally, sea cargo may be your only choice if you are shipping items banned on airlines. Don’t worry, it does not take forever if you pick the right company.

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Many promise the sky, we deliver to your needs – meeting your specific shipping goals of cost, time and excellent customer service throughout.
Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Lowest Rates Guaranteed

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Timely Delivery Everytime

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Transparent Pricing Mechanism

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Prompt Customer Service

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With the myriad of choices when you google for phrases like “cheap cargo to Pakistan”, it gets really confusing to decide on the right company for cargo to Pakistan from UK. So, here is some help for you. We are going to help you ask the right questions, so you get the best bang for your buck without compromising the quality of service or safety of your shipment.

Does the company offer multiple options to send cargo to Pakistan?

Stay away from companies that offer only one choice for sending cargo to Pakistan from UK. You may get sucked into making a decision without being able to compare the options that may otherwise be available to you, and this may even result in prices higher than you should have paid.
Ask if the company offers multiple options and not just advertising cheap cargo to Pakistan to lure naive first-time UK residents who have not dealt with shipping companies before. Your item may have to be delivered before a specific date, or you may just want to get pricing for multiple options so you can make an informed decision. Either way, the only way you will be able to extract the best value for your money is by working with a company which offers both air and sea cargo.
Crown Cargo Services has been in the business of sending cargo to Pakistan from UK for many years. Our shipping experts spend the time needed to understand your specific cargo requirements. As our agents help you craft the right transportation medium and pricing package, not only do they consider the safety of your goods, they also strike the right balance between price and time taken for delivery. Request a quote to uncover our amazingly low prices.

Will your cargo to Pakistan from UK arrive safely?

No matter who you choose or what parameters you adopt as part of your decision-making process, you just cannot afford to ignore the safety of your items. You may have heard of scary stories of people receiving damaged goods or empty boxes; they are not merely false stories for interesting reading – these are true tales of actual nightmare some unfortunate customers have gone through.
Losing an item does not stop at just that – it also starts an unending chain of claims that you need to chase day and night. Not only have you lost your package, but your peace of mind has also been taken away. What if the item was a piece of art or something of sentimental value that cannot be replaced? Well, unfortunately, you have ended up with a loss that can never be recovered by falling for a non-reputed company that lured you with their cheap cargo to Pakistan service.
What if you had spent some extra time and maybe a little more money to work with a reputable cargo company? Your relatives in Pakistan or Azad Kashmir would not be blaming you for being so irresponsible and cheap. Moreover, you would not have had to run pillar to post trying to trace your lost items.
Another possibility is damage to your goods during transport. A lot of inexperienced transport companies that send cargo to Pakistan work with a bad network of providers, who do not have the mechanisms in place to ensure safe handling of fragile items. Your plasma TV may be handled the same way as a load of old clothes, which may damage the screen during transit – mind you, the chances of being able to get a UK product repaired in Pakistan are dim as the right parts may not be locally available. To make matters worse, a local handyman may fix it poorly and all the glamour of having quality products from the UK goes out of the door.
You do not have to be the unfortunate customer who is left sulking due to loss or damage of products just because they fell for an evil company offering cheap cargo to Pakistan. Do yourself a favour and pick your cargo company wisely. Crown Cargo Services has made a reputation for itself by serving many satisfied customers over a long time. Such fame is earned only by extreme attention to detail, working with trusted partners and making safety the lifeblood of all business operations. The best part, our excellent cargo services come without breaking your bank. Request a quote from us to get started.

Does the cargo company have contingency plans in place?

No matter how carefully your package is scheduled on the best routes, there is always a chance of delay or breakdowns that may lead to delays in delivery. As a customer, you should not have to worry about that – after all, it is part of the industry’s internal operations. However, most companies will stop at letting you know that your order has been delayed due to unavoidable circumstances while they scramble to take care of the situation.
In contrast to that, consider a company which employs sophisticated dynamic routing systems to take care of contingencies like route blockages or vessel/airline delays and cancellations. Over the many years of working with the most technologically advanced air and sea cargo partners, we have perfected our systems to automatically react to such contingencies. Your package is automatically placed on an alternate ship or flight as soon as the problem is detected. This way, we ensure that the delivery of your package is not impacted by such unexpected interruptions. Remember, it is not that these options are not available to the other companies – they just lack the sophistication and expertise to handle any unforeseen events.
Crown Cargo Services are your best bet when you need to send cargo to Pakistan. Find more about our low costs – click here to request a quote from us.

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