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Crown Cargo Services is a reputed UK name to send sea cargo to Pakistan. We offer the best prices and fast delivery.
Cheap Sea Cargo to Pakistan

Why using sea cargo to Pakistan is the right choice?

Sea cargo is best suited for intercontinental transport where the items to be shipped are heavy and not time-sensitive. Sea cargo is not slow as it used to be, the days of the ships spending months without seeing land are long over. This is the time of modern navigation and better seaways.

How do you decide on the right company to send sea cargo from UK to Pakistan?

We believe safety of your items should be your number one priority, followed by accuracy of delivery, price, time and convenience (the order may be changed to suit your personal preference and the kind of items being shipped). What is essential is that these concerns are addressed.
Sea Cargo from UK to Pakistan

Why Choose Us?

Many promise the sky, we deliver to your needs – meeting your specific shipping goals of cost, time and excellent customer service throughout.
Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Timely Delivery Everytime

Timely Delivery Everytime

Transparent Pricing Mechanism

Transparent Pricing Mechanism

Prompt Customer Service

Prompt Customer Service

Real people, real results


Don’t take our word for the quality of our services – see what our satisfied customers have to say about how we served them.
A lot of folks fall in the trap of hard selling and marketing gimmicks while deciding on the right company to engage for sending sea cargo from UK to Pakistan. Let us take the guessing game out and give you some specifics to help you get the best value for the money you spend in shipping your items to Pakistan, including your relatives and friends in Azad Kashmir.

Do the seaways affect time of delivery?

Oh yes, you bet! One of the main reasons why a lot of UK cargo companies who offer cheap sea cargo to Pakistan have a lousy track record of timely delivery is because they do not have access to faster ocean pathways – this is because they work with substandard sea cargo carriers that choose to save money by not paying for access to quicker and safer seaways.
Not only that, but your shipments may also spend days all together lying at dockyards waiting to be picked up, as you are going to be “slotted” only when space becomes available on a low budget ship, which means your folks in Pakistan could be waiting for many days before they can enjoy your gifts.
We have spent many years in the shipping industry and have entered into close ties with the best international sea cargo carriers, which allows us to deliver on our promise of timely delivery. With us, you get the best sea cargo service.
You just need to make sure you work with a transport company that has close ties with the best sea cargo carriers, so your shipment is transported over faster ocean pathways and spends the least time waiting in docking yards to be picked up. With us, you get the best service for sending sea cargo from UK to Pakistan. Click here to request a quote from us to explore our low prices and convenient service.

What are the chances of your sea cargo getting damaged or lost?

Well, safety and reliability is not really the brightest side of the sea cargo industry. A maze of sea routes and ships that decide what path your shipment takes makes it hard for inexperienced companies to ensure the protection of your load while sending your sea cargo to Pakistan.
However, companies like us have perfected the art of tracking your items while we optimise the sea route and switch ships to get your sea cargo from UK to Pakistan. We invest a lot in technology, with sophisticated mechanisms to track your items, right from when they are picked up from your doorstep, moved on the road/rail, placed on ships, docked at yards and during final delivery to your place of choice in Pakistan.
With us, you do not need to worry about your items getting lost or damaged during transportation or storage. Our staff and shipping partners have been trained on the best safety practices in the entire sea cargo business. We pride ourselves in our excellent track record of accurate delivery and taking special precautions while handling delicate goods. The tagging process to mark items that need special handling begins right when the item is picked up from your doorstep in the UK and transmitted across the entire chain involved in sending your sea cargo to Pakistan.
Crown Cargo Services is your trusted partner if you are looking for cheap sea cargo to Pakistan. We never allow any compromises in the safety and reliability of your shipment while offering you the best prices in the UK sea cargo industry. You get the best of both the worlds – affordability and superior quality. Click here to request a quote from us to discuss your shipping needs and corresponding pricing.

How can you know if you are not breaking any laws as you send sea cargo from UK to Pakistan?

Sending sea cargo to Pakistan from the UK does require knowing the international shipping laws in great detail. The UK government bans export of some electronics and inventions covered to safeguard the interests of the country’s economy and security. If you are found involved in sending such items through sea cargo from UK to Pakistan, you can be in deep trouble, and may even be asked to leave the country if you were not a natural UK citizen.
Just because someone offers cheap sea cargo to Pakistan, do not fall naively for it. Enquire them about international shipping laws specific to the items you are shipping. For instance, you may be sending prescription medicines to an ailing soul in Pakistan with good intentions but fail to realise that you need clearances from the governments involved before putting them in sea cargo. Not only will your shipment be blocked, but you may also even have to face criminal proceedings for your honest mistake.
There also are laws in the UK that restrict sending cars out of the country if they are older than a specified number of years. You do not want to count on transporting your car to Pakistan, or Azad Kashmir and then end up spoiling your plans after you realise you cannot do so. It is better to work with UK sea cargo professionals who know the international shipping laws to guide you correctly.
At Crown Cargo Services, we believe in building long term trust and relationship with our customers. We do not stop at the basic mechanics; our attention to detail allows us to provide you with tailor-made solutions for your specific needs. Click here to request a quote from us and find out how we can help you send your sea cargo to Pakistan affordably and safely.

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